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Artificial Eyelashes and Method and Apparatus for Making Same -
Patented May 1, 1962

This invention relates to beauty aids and more particularly to artificial eyelashes, as well as method and apparatus for making the same. [ View PDF Document ]

Executive Eyelash Booming, By Doris Klein (Niagara Falls NY Gazette 1967)
A new secret weapon is making a creeping advance on the inner sanctums of the business world—the executive eyelash. Beneath those lids may lurk a mind like a steel trap. But false eyelashes for men are grabbing hold on some of the top executive eyelids in the nation, say the stores marketing them. [ Full Original Article ]

Inga Lash. the ultimate weapon. Handle with care.
Killing glances start with Inga Lash. A wink can start a war. Downcast eyes are deadly. That's power for you... [ View PDF Document ]

Only with new Inga Lash. The Sweep. The Swoop. The total lack of artiface. (devastating!)
Only fabulous new Inga Lashes look as if they were born, not made. Only Inga Lashes can go underyour own, blend in with your own, secretly, subtly, and above all, naturally.... [ View PDF Document]